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Breast Asymmetry

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17 year-old 5'3" tall and 158lbs. She underwent a right breast reduction (300g) and insertion of a tissue expander and subsequent implant exchange on the left (400g smooth round implant).

25 year-old patient 5'6" tall and 165lbs. This patient underwent right tissue expansion with subsequent insertion of Alloderm and permanent implant (415g smooth, round gel) as well as bilateral mastopexy, bilateral breast fat grafting and left augmentation (250g smooth, round gel).

21 year-old patient 5'7" tall and 184lbs. This patient underwent tissue expansion and implant exchange on the right (400g smooth, round gel) as well as a left mastopexy and bilateral breast fat grafting.

19 year-old patient 5'3" tall and 130lbs. This patient had congenital breast asymmetry. She underwent tissue expansion with implant exchange on the left (235g round silicone implant) as well as right augmentation (145g round silicone implant) and mastopexy. She also underwent left nipple reconstruction.