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Revision Surgery

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59 year-old patient 5'4" tall and 125lbs. This patient had previous breast augmentation for congenital breast asymmetry. She then developed recurrent breast capsular contracture and implant rupture. She underwent bilateral insertion of tissue expanders and Alloderm. She then had tissue expansion and subsequent fat grafting and implant exchange for round, 435g implants.

42 year-old patient 5'7", 145lbs. This patient had bilateral mastectomies and implant reconstruction performed by another surgeon. She also had previous right radiation therapy. She requested revision and underwent bilateral latissimus dorsi flaps with tissue expanders and subsequent exchange for 210g, round silicone implants.

42 year-old woman 5'3" tall and 75kg. This patient underwent a vertical breast reduction procedure by another surgeon. She was unhappy with her result and sought revisional surgery. She underwent bilateral revisional breast reduction with areolar reduction (355g on left and 288g on right).

54 year-old patient 5'4" tall an 160lbs. This patient had undergone previous breast reconstruction using implants performed by another surgeon. She had complete revision using tissue expanders, Alloderm, new implants (610g) and fat grafting. She has also undergone bilateral 3-D nipple areolar tattoo.

60 year-old patient 5'7" and 187lbs. This patient underwent bilateral implant reconstruction following mastectomies performed by another surgeon. She was unsatisfied with her result and therefore proceeded with complete revision surgery including skin reduction, tissue expanders and implant exchange (610g round silicone) and nipple reconstruction.

54 year-old patient who underwent previous left mastectomy with implant reconstruction and right augmentation-mastopexy. She requested revisional surgery. A left latissimus dorsi flap with tissue expansion and subesquent implant exchange (370g smooth, round silicone) and revision right mastopexy-augmentation was performed. She is awaiting left nipple reconstruction.

36 year-old patient 5'3" tall and 124lbs. This patient underwent bilateral mastectomies and implant reconstruction. She underwent revision with exchange to round silicone gel implants (520g), scar revisions, Alloderm insertion, fat grafting and nipple areolar reconstruction.

56 year-old patient 5'5" tall and 115lbs. This patient had previous bilateral mastectomies and implant reconstruction and radiation on the right side. She was left with breast asymmetry and requested revision. She underwent bilateral conversion to tissue expanders and a right latissimus dorsi with subsequent implant exchange to round silicone gel (370g).

50 year-old patient 5'9", 145lbs. This patient underwent a left mastectomy with implant reconstruction performed by another surgeon. She proceeded with revision including a latissimus dorsi flap with tissue expander and subsequent implant exchange. On the right she underwent a prophylactic mastectomy (nipple-sparing) via the inframammary fold with a tissue expander and Alloderm reconstruction and subsequent implant exchange (round, silicone 435g).

53 year-old patient 5'1" and 103lbs. This patient underwent multiple previous breast augmentation surgeries and requested revision and decrease in breast size. She underwent full mastopexy and implant exchange with 150/200g round silicone gel implants.