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June 1, 2016

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May 9, 2018

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While it is thrilling to imagine and anticipate the results of your breast augmentation, picturing the final surgical result can be challenging.  How will your enhanced breasts really look on your frame?  Excitingly, this is where cutting-edge technology comes in.

Here at Dr. Macadam’s office, we are pleased to provide VEC...

Research is a uniquely important part of academic medicine, as new developments with practice-changing findings take place frequently in the field of plastic surgery.  Research is an aspect of Dr. Macadam’s practice to which she keenly devotes 20% of her time.

Dr. Macadam’s passion for research grew during her time at Harvard U...

As a woman working in the largely male-dominated field of surgery, Dr. Macadam knows first-hand the challenges young women face when entering the competitive profession.  With this in mind, Dr. Macadam has a keen desire to encourage and inspire young women to follow their dreams and pursue a career in medicine by sharing her o...

In medicine and, specifically, plastic surgery, it is vital that physicians remain on the cutting edge.  Dr. Sheina Macadam thrives on learning new techniques and enhancing her surgical repertoire, and in March 2015, she had just this opportunity.  When Dr. Macadam encountered a patient who desired a surgical procedure that sh...

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