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June 1, 2016

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May 9, 2018

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A physician's work/life balancing act

Though challenging to attain, work-life balance is exceedingly important for everyone, especially physicians. Many surgeons, in particular, have a tendency to lose sight of healthy work-life balance amidst the countless hours in the operating room (OR), at the office, or attending surgical meetings, rounds, and conferences. It’s no surprise 'physician burnout' is getting increasingly more attention in the media. So how do physicians find time for their families, their physical fitness, and a bit of fun?


To stay grounded, driven, and energized, Dr. Macadam loves her spin classes (see photo above!). Spinning, or stationary bike riding, is a fun, vigorous indoor exercise class. Dr. Macadam frequents these classes with her friends, and even a few surgical colleagues, including Dr. Esta Bovill. In her spare time, she also attends hot yoga classes. Physical activity is such an important aspect of healthy living and work-life balance; it's great for your heart, body, and especially good for clearing your head.


Another way Dr. Macadam enjoys finding work-life balance is by holidaying in exotic and culturally-engaging destinations around the world. Some of her travel experiences have taken her to Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, Europe, Colombia, Japan, and Vietnam. In November of this year, Dr. Macadam will be traveling to Uganda on a surgical mission with many of her Vancouver colleagues.


Check out the photos below for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Dr. Macadam's life outside the OR! And stay tuned in the coming months for updates on the surgical mission to Uganda. 


South Africa


"Attack" of the Rosellas (near Melbourne, Australia)


Trekking Mt. Kanchenjunga in Nepal


Trekking Mt. Kanchenjunga in Nepal

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