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DCA (Deoxycholic Acid, Kybella®) (Allergan)

what is?


1. What is DCA?

This compound is naturally occurring in human bile and aids in digestion of fat. In 2015 Kythera Biopharmaceuticals created a synthetic version which can be injected to problematic areas as an alternative to liposuction. The fat that is dissolved becomes cellular debris and is cleared into the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Our nurse injector will treat the area by injecting the compound using a series of injections. Typical treatment areas include under the chin, the flanks and ‘bra fat’ (between the bra and the armpit). Each session involves 20-80 injections depending on the area treated and takes an average of 5min (chin) to 60min (flanks). This treatment requires 2-6 sessions. Results are permanent.

Risks include swelling, bruising, contour irregularity and asymmetry. In rare cases nerve damage has been reported. In the cases of nerve damage this can cause a temporary asymmetry of movement of the lower lip which resolves after about 2-3 months. Swelling peaks at 24 hours after the treatment and can last up to 3 weeks. Swelling can be very noticeable for the first 2-7 days after treatment.

2. Are there any risks to treatment?
  • Discontinue blood thinners such as ASA and Ibuprofen

  • Avoid alcohol for one day before, the day of and one day after treatment

  • No vigorous exercise for 48 hours after treatment to minimize the risk of bruising and prevent diffusion in the case of Botox

  • If you take medication for oral or facial herpes please consult Dr Macadam prior to treatment

  • Avoid retinol for 2 days before and after treatment

  • Avoid chemical peels for one month after treatment

3. Pre- and Post-Treatment
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