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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Dr Macadam and her staff are committed to protecting your privacy and your personal information. When visiting our office you will be asked to provide your name, contact information, date of birth, health history and information related to your concern. In many cases patient photographs will also be taken. This information will be used only to enhance your care unless additional consent is obtained. Your personal health information that is protected by law broadly includes any information, oral, written or recorded, that is created or received by your health care providers.

Dr Macadam's office will not release information to third parties unless specific written consent is provided by the patient. We may release personal information when required to do so by law. Examples of instances in which we may be required to disclose your health information by law include:

  • Public health activities including preventing or controlling disease.

  • Disclosures regarding victims of abuse, neglect or domestic violence.

  • Judicial and administrative proceedings in response to an order of a court or administrative tribunal, a warrant, subpoena or other lawful process.

  • Law enforcement purposes for identifying or locating a witness, missing person or reporting crimes in emergencies or reporting a death.

Our office is committed to ensuring the protection of your medical information. Unless otherwise permitted or required, as described above, we may not use or disclose your personal health information without your written authorization.

All information is stored in a password-protected electronic medical record (EMR). All paper information is shredded after being uploaded to the EMR. Security measures are in place to protect our office and the computer systems from unauthorized access. Technological measures include passwords for all users, firewalls and software programs that detect intrusion attempts and viruses.

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