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Best Breast Paper awards

This July, Dr. Macadam and her research colleagues were awarded the prestigious "Best Breast Paper" Award from the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS), for their published manuscript, “Direct-to-Implant Single-Stage Immediate Breast Reconstruction with Acellular Dermal Matrix: Predictors of Failure”. This award recognizes a single outstanding breast research paper based on its contribution to the medical literature and advancement of medical knowledge, as well as the number of times the article was viewed and shared by peers. Only 11 "Best Paper" awards are given out by the PRS Journal each year, so Dr. Macadam and her fellow researchers are thrilled to have been granted this unique and esteemed honour.

Dr. Macadam and 7 of her surgical colleagues were co-authors on this research paper, which investigated direct-to-implant breast reconstruction (i.e. a single-stage surgery rather than the two-stage procedure which involves tissue expanders followed by implants at a second surgery). The authors explored the risks of failure and need for revisions with this direct-to-implant surgery, and found this procedure can be successfully and reliably performed in patients with small breasts and without a history of smoking.

The Best Breast Paper Award will be presented to the authors at a ceremony in Boston, Massachusetts later this year. We are excited to congratulate Dr. Macadam and colleagues on this great achievement!

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