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June 1, 2016

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May 9, 2018

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A cutting edge collaboration with Dr. Scott Sullivan

In medicine and, specifically, plastic surgery, it is vital that physicians remain on the cutting edge.  Dr. Sheina Macadam thrives on learning new techniques and enhancing her surgical repertoire, and in March 2015, she had just this opportunity.  When Dr. Macadam encountered a patient who desired a surgical procedure that she had never before performed, she did not shy away from the challenge, but instead seized this exciting opportunity to learn and collaborate.


The patient had done her research, and was interested in proceeding with a bilateral DIEP procedure, a surgery that Dr. Macadam excels at, but with the addition of breast implants, a unique combined technique that was new to her. The addition of implants to the DIEP surgery would enhance the patient’s cosmetic result, giving her a fuller, more symmetrical, and more desirable look.  Dr. Scott Sullivan, a renowned plastic surgeon in New Orleans who has developed numerous ground-breaking techniques, performs this surgery, but travelling to the United States to undergo the procedure would be quite costly for Dr. Macadam’s patient.


Intrigued by this unique procedure, and wanting to provide her patient with the best care and most innovative, high-quality surgery, Dr. Macadam reached out to Dr. Sullivan. She invited him to Vancouver to teach her this procedure, and he graciously accepted. What transpired was exciting and remarkable: two highly-esteemed plastic surgeons came together to combine their knowledge, skills, and passion in order to provide a patient with an incredible cosmetic outcome.  It was a great success for all involved!



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